Pro Audio Workshop: Seeing Sound

Learn speaker placement, aim, EQ, and crossover alignment to quickly and effectively maximize sound system tuning in any room.

  • 58 content-packed lessons
  • Real-world design examples and templates
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  • 50+ hours of bonus video training with special guests like Bob McCarthy, Merlijn van Veen, Chris Tsanjoures, and Michael Krieg Schreiber

66 Lessons

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66 Lessons in Pro Audio Workshop: Seeing Sound:

Module 1 - Tools of the trade

Lesson 1.1 - Important guidelines

Get started!

Lesson 1.2 - Introduction to linear systems (minimum variance)

What's the big deal with linear systems?

Lesson 1.3 - How to get the most out of this course

My best learning tips.

Lesson 1.4 - You can teach yourself everything with MAPP XT

Learn how to answer any question through experimentation.

Lesson 1.5 - Options for importing designs into MAPP XT

Quick and efficient room modeling.

Lesson 1.6 - Gathering your Hardware & Software

Time to build your audio analyzer.

Lesson 1.7 - Setting up your Audio Analyzer

Seeing sound super powers.

Lesson 1.8 - Amplitude and Phase Response Measurements

Get familiar with these common graphs.

Lesson 1.9 - Course Bonuses

Get your reward!

Module 2 - Placement

Lesson 2.1 - Analyzing our room and inventory

Needs assessment

Lesson 2.15 - Visualizing speaker coverage

What shape does a speaker make?

Lesson 2.2 - Front to back ratio: Single Speaker

Quickly estimate speaker placement

Lesson 2.3 - Put sound where the people are

Put sound where the people are

Lesson 2.4 - Place at coverage center

Efficient coverage strategy

Lesson 2.5 - Match speaker coverage angle to room size

Macro scale width matching

Lesson 2.6 - Match speaker shape to room shape with forward aspect ratio

Exactly match speaker coverage width

Lesson 2.7 - Place front fills using lateral aspect ratio

Place front-fills

Lesson 2.74 - Power Scaling: Mains

Will my mains be loud enough?

Lesson 2.75 - Power Scaling: Fills

Will my fills be loud enough?

Lesson 2.76 - Power Scaling: Subs

Lesson 2.8 Subwoofer Arrays: Line

2.83 Subwoofer Arrays: Gradient

Module 3 - Aim

Lesson 3.1 - Horizontal aim

Lesson 3.15 - Triangles, yay!

Lesson 3.2 - Vertical aim

Lesson 3.25 - Aim and splay of a coupled point source array

Lesson 3.27 - Aim and splay of an asymmetrical coupled point source array

Lesson 3.3 - Trade-offs between uncoupled point source and point destination arrays

Lesson 3.35 - Aim a delay speaker

Lesson 3.4 - Find coverage angle and aim in one step

Lesson 3.5 - Aim and splay for a line array - Automatic

Lesson 3.56 - Aim and splay for a line array - Manual

Lesson 3.57 - Splay for a line array - Fine tuning

Lesson 3.6 - Verification Overview

Lesson 3.65 - Verifying your audio analyzer

Lesson 3.7 - Verify horizontal aim

Lesson 3.8 - Verify vertical aim

Lesson 3.9 - Verify splay for a symmetric coupled point source array

Lesson 3.92 - Verify splay for an asymmetrical coupled point source array

Lesson 3.93 - Verify spacing for a symmetrical uncoupled array

Lesson 3.94 - Verify spacing of an asymmetrical uncoupled array

Lesson 3.95 - Verify aim of a delay speaker

Lesson 3.96 - Verify aim and splay of a line array

Module 4 – EQ and Listening

Lesson 4.1 - The goal of sound system tuning

Lesson 4.2 - When to use EQ

Lesson 4.3 - How to set EQ filters

Lesson 4.5 - EQ: Single Speaker

Lesson 4.6 - EQ: Speaker to Speaker

Lesson 4.7 - EQ: Array to Array & Array to Room

Module 5 – Crossover Alignment

Lesson 5.0 - Polarity vs. Phase

Lesson 5.05 - Avoid rules of thumb for delay setting

Lesson 5.1 - How to find spatial crossover points

Lesson 5.2 - Setting a spatial crossover with our eyes

Lesson 5.3 - Setting a spatial crossover with our ears

Lesson 5.4 - Setting a spatial crossover with our analyzer

Lesson 5.5 - How to find spectral crossover points for our measurements

Lesson 5.6 - Setting a spectral crossover with our eyes

Lesson 5.7 - Setting a spectral crossover with our ears

Lesson 5.8 - Setting a spectral crossover with our analyzer

Lesson 5.9 - Will subs on an aux ruin us?

Lesson 5.93 - Show time

Lesson 5.95 - The end. The beginning.

Module 6 – [BONUS] Tuning Walkthroughs

Lesson 6.11 - HOW Event in a Medium Sized Hotel Ballroom

Lesson 6.12 - HOW event at Benton Convention Center

Lesson 6.13 - Corporate Event at Minneapolis Convention Center

Lesson 6.14 - Corporate Concert in Small Hotel Ballroom