Live Sound Summit 2018

  • 11 hours of training from 11 different experts
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12 Lessons

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Day 1

Day 1 Keynote Bob McCarthy

Session 1 Michael Krieg – Line Array Fundamentals

Session 2 Thomas Neumann – Dual-FFT Measurement

Session 3 Aleš Štefančič - Guerrilla Mixing

Session 4 Abandon Perfection: Facing the realities of real world audio

Session 5 Nicholas Radina – How to use frequency coordination to keep your wireless interference free

Day 2

Day 2 Keynote Robert Scovill

Session 6 Jon Burton – How I approach a soundcheck

Session 7 Darryn de la Soul – Unique Mixing Hints & Tips with Jon Burton & Justin Grealy

Session 8 Buford Jones – The importance of equal amplitude sound systems

Session 9 Bob McCarthy – Metallica

Session 10 Nathan Lively – Stop Smaarting the Sound System (and what to do instead)