Live Sound Summit 2019

  • 17 hours of training from 17 different experts
  • Lifetime access to stream or download all videos, slides, and training materials
  • 30% discount on SoundGym
  • 10% discount on iSemCon

18 Lessons

Day 1

Darryn de la Soul – Keynote

Bodo Felusch – Don’t panic! …it’s only a network

Thomas Neumann – Dual-FFT Measurement

Michael Krieg – How to Select an Amplifier

Alex Fiennes – Working With Deaf Artists

Pasi Manninen – How to Share and Interpret RF Spectrum Data

Aleš Štefančič – What I Learned from My Worst Shows

Stephen Pavlik – Digital RF: The Future of Wireless?

Dan Dugan – Gain Sharing Automatic Microphone Mixing Moves from Secret Weapon to Mainstream

Arthur Skudra – Single Channel Measurements: Surprisingly useful

Day 2

Jon Burton – Same Difference: Adapting Sound Reinforcement and Mixing for Each Artist

Karl Winkler – The 7 Most Common Problems with Wireless Mic Systems, and how You can Solve Them

Ken ‘Pooch’ Van Druten – Tour Console Prep: SD7 with Iron Maiden

Pat Brown – Complete System Gain Structure Made Easy

Robert Scovill – Optimizing Gain Structure and Console Management

Scott Adamson – Using Snapshots and Timecode with Pop/Rock band Haim

Alex Ritter – System Tuning for Concert vs Theatre

Nathan Lively – Phase Invaders