Sub School

You will discover
1. How to design a sub arc to match audience shape.
2. How to optimize a cardioid array design and verify it in the field.
3. The "no tears" method for accurate sub alignment.

You get:
☑ Four 90-minute classes with demos and assignments (all recorded).
☑ A 30-minute private training session with me.
☑ Lot's of demos, tips, tricks, hacks, recipes, and templates.

8 Lessons

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1 - Arc Sub Class

Learn to design, deploy, and verify physical and delayed arc sub arrays.

1.1 - Arc Sub Deploy & Verify

1.3 - Arc Sub Alignment

2 - Gradient & End-fire Class

2.1 - Gradient Design, Deploy, Verify, Align

3 - LR Complications

How to maximize uncoupled arrays.

4 - Make Alignment Easy & Accurate

Learn to build alignment presets and deploy them in the field.

4.1 - Alignment practice with Smaart