Sound System Tuning without Measurement Software

Tools at your fingertips to get your sound system in order.

Tuning a sound system without measurement software is not ideal and not recommended, but neither is showing up to the job site without any idea of what the event is and what equipment you have to work with and that shit happens all the time. This workshop will present tools we have at our fingertips to get our system in order without setting up our audio analyzer.

During this workshop you will learn how to:
  1. Decide when you need multiple speakers.
  2. Setup a two-element cardioid sub array.
  3. Aim any speaker.
  4. Time align your delay speakers.
  5. Phase align your Main to your Sub.
  6. Plus, get a sneak peek at my new app for sub alignment.

5 Lessons

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Learn 5 techniques for system setup without an audio analyzer

Why do you polarity invert the rear sub in a cardioid array?

Understand the theory behind the gradient array

Live Q&A

Text Q&A

Dig deeper into the complexity.