Master Your Craft - Essays and Interviews on Sound System Tuning 3rd Ed [EBOOK]

sound-design-live-nathan-lively-headshot-funOver the last 16 years I have interviewed over 60 audio industry leaders about the most important skills and tools to maximize any sound system in a corporate ballroom, theatre, or concert arena, while at the same time building a successful career in 8 different cities across 3 different countries. This book offers a distillation of the most important lessons I learned along the way about sound system tuning for live events. –Nathan Lively

Stop working in fear and learn the power of sound system tuning.

  • The goal of sound system tuning
  • How to tune a sound system in 15 minutes
  • How to find speaker coverage in one step + calculator
  • 6 smart, proven methods to control feedback onstage (without EQ)
  • The 7 Biggest Mistakes You Don't Know You Are Making
  • 136 pages

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sound-design-live-pro-audio-workshop-john-aI really liked your book and applied some of the tips right away. In the past I aligned my subwoofers by ear. After reading the process outlined in your book, I got a much better and much more coherent result. -Thomas F.

sound-design-live-master-your-craft-pat-autreyI used your technique for positioning the subs at a festival a week ago and it really sounded better than ever. -Pat A.

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