105 Questions About Sound System Tuning

Everything you wanted to know about live sound system setup but were afraid to ask.

  • How far apart can I space my subs?
  • How do I save time in sound system tuning?
  • How can I easily set the number of boxes and splay for a line array?

Sound system tuning is hard and there is never enough time. I get it. That's why I put together this collection of my best tips and shortcuts to help you get up and running fast.

What you will learn with this eBook:


  • How do I choose the right speaker for the space?
  • What is the best DIY acoustic treatment for a room?


  • How do you avoid microphone feedback?
  • How to arrange 2 subs so that they are useful?


  • How do I find vertical aim?
  • How do I avoid overlap onto walls?

Crossover Alignment

  • What is in-phase vs. out-of-phase?
  • How do you find the crossover point?

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